Consultancy: Legal Advisor Location: Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia Application Deadline: 08th, Jan, 2020. Type of Contract: Professional Consultancy (International Law, Refugee Law) Languages Required: English, Somali Expected Duration of Assignment: January 2020 to December 2020.

Consultancy: Legal Advisor
Location: Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia
Application Deadline: 08th, Jan, 2020.
Type of Contract: Professional Consultancy (International Law, Refugee Law)
Languages Required: English, Somali
Expected Duration of Assignment: January 2020 to December 2020.

Reports to: Director General and Director of Human Protection department.


The Department of Human Protection under the Ministry of Interior, Federalism Affairs and Democratization, is the responsible department for management of refugee, asylum seekers, IDPs other migrants’ group with specific needs and returnees’ affairs in the country and coordination of their programmers in Puntland.
Human Protection is a responsibility body bestowed on the Government of Puntland by the International Community. The Government has made necessary provision for the recognition, protection and management of asylum seekers and refugees Stateless and returnees. Ministry of Interior Local Government and Rural Development is mandate by the Puntland government to be responsible for the issue related to refugee, asylum seekers, stateless and returnees.

In mid-2019 The Ministry of interior, Federal Affairs and Democratization had combined the Department of Refugee Affairs abbreviated (RAD) and Department of IDPs (IAD) to the Department of Human Protection (HP) to serve as public office responsible for all administrative matters concerning refugees, IDPs and returnees in Puntland and in that capacity, coordinates all activities and programs relating to refugees and returnees refugee coming from outside the country.

In order to make the HP operational functions and discharge of their responsibilities fall within the scope of International instruments namely Refugee law, the Ministry of Interior plans to further disseminate and act out the Refugee Law for Puntland. The bill went through the regular formality of government policy endorsement procedures – discussed at cabinet level, approved by the cabinet and finally endorsed by the Parliament.

The Ministry is currently planning to develop roadmap to take over refugee status determination (RSD) management from UNHCR, develop implementation framework for the law within early 2020 and it is in this regard that a consultancy for this assignment is being sought.

Duties and Responsibilities
Scope of this TOR and Consultant Responsibilities

This TOR deals specifically with the development of Puntland refugee’s roadmap, implementation arrangement to enact Puntland Refugee Law for the year 2019-2020. Inputs to this plan will largely come from Puntland refugee law and 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees The consultant will hold constant discussions and consultations with UNHCR, Ministries of Justice, Women Affairs, Education, Health and relevant stakeholders during the process of the Bill amendment.

The consultant will be responsible for the following:

• Provide policy and technical support, including through in-depth substantive research and analysis of issues and events related to refugees and IDPs.
• Support the establishment of mechanisms to oversee the implementation of Puntland refugee act and other relevant legal procedure relating to refugee and IDPs protection.
• Contribute to the advocacy towards proper interpretation and enforcement of Puntland refugee law and doctrine as well as assist the development of roadmap for RSD transfer from UNHCR to MOIFAD.
• Develop legal insights and a framework to be used by the Ministry’s technical units to align and improve program quality and technical support.
• Advice and assist training of law enforcement officials on protection of refugee protection in line with Puntland refugee act and international protection guidelines of refugee rights protection.
• Assist in the preparation of legal advice and drafting of position papers and guidelines on pertinent legal and operational issues.
• Provide technical advice and support to MOIFAD and UNHCR on the application of policies in relation to the protection of refugees.
• Provide inputs to the formulation of protection strategies.
• Liaise with protection partners and intergovernmental agencies and external actors to enhance awareness of protection principles in Puntland.
• Participate in meetings within protection stakeholders in Puntland and with external counterparts at the relevant level.
• Assist in the development of project proposals and project implementation.

The Consultant should be available to travel to Bossaso for meetings with high-level government officials including Ministers and other top government officials of the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Democratization and Parliament and all other relevant stakeholders for their inputs to the draft Bill.

Required qualifications and competencies:

• Master’s degree in International Law ore related field;
• At Least five years of professional experience at legal policy development and protection work , including field experience with a particular focus on refugee protection;
• Demonstrated understanding of refugee prevention and response in forced displacement situations is essential;
• Demonstrated experience in coaching and in providing training/capacity building support on refugee protection;
• Prior working experience with UNHCR is a strong advantage;
• Inter-agency coordination experience is desirable.
Duration, reporting and related logistics
The assignment is estimated to require total of 12 months in the period from jan, 2020 to Dec 2020.
The consultant shall report and work under the direct guidance of the Director of Human Protection, Ministry of Interior.
The consultant will be supported by the MOIFAD Human Protection staff.

• Proven analytical and research skills;
• Extensive experience working with/for governments on policy and legal development plans;
• Excellent demonstrated skills of communication at National or International level;
Required Skills and Experience
• Post-graduate degree in Law, International Law or related field;
• Minimum ten years work experience in taking part or providing technical support to legal policy development;
• Technical experience in Refugee Law;
• Knowledge and experience on the Policy development in developing and or conflict/post-conflict countries will be a strong asset;
• Excellent command of English and Somali languages;
• Computer literacy (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point etc.);
• Ministry of Interior experience is an advantage;
How to Apply the Job.
If you have the above qualifications and competences, kindly submit your motivational letter along with your CV for the following Emails.
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