Drought Emergency Declared By Puntland President and Minister of Interior

The Government of Puntland, FSNAU and FEWSNET Reports alerted the deteriorating situation in Puntland, the areas hardest-hit by drought, exacerbated by failure of Deyr rainfall season. The Government of Puntland and humanitarian partners collected and analyzed data from Puntland regions to establish the gravity of the situation. The findings so far show that we have reached a critical point and that NIP livelihood zone (Nugaal, Bari, Sool and Sanaag regions) are in everlasting drought, have not received Deyr rains and were put in emergency situation. Similarly, Addun and Coastal Deeh livelihood zones were also put in crisis as Hawd zone, the only area with good rains, attracted too many up-normal migration from Ethiopia and other parts of Somalia which will cause earlier overgrazing and water scarcity.

Ministry of Interior, Local Governments and Rural Development of Puntland is asking the humanitarians partners to be pre-emptive, if not we risk a rapid and deep deterioration of the situation and communities could lose their means of survival and we need to stop this loss of lives and forced displacement as people have no other option but to move in search of food, water and income. An estimated 1.6 million people are in need of live saving assistance and livelihood support in Puntland.

In light of the above, Ministry of Interior, Local Governments and Rural Development would like to appeal the humanitarian partners to scale up and bolster support in terms of live saving humanitarian assistance, increasing resilience levels and putting in place mechanisms that would prevent worse things from happening.

See the letter signed by the Minister: Appeal For Humanatarian Assistance to Drought Stricken Areas in

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