Ministry of Interior’s Directorate of Refugees at AU Refugee Summit in Ethiopia

Ministry of Interior (RAD) -Directorate of Refugees, Mr. Burhan Huruse Hashi was invited by AU for Africa Refugee Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The summit is annually held in AU Headquarter in Addis Ababa and is attended by officials from all AU member states.

Puntland become one of few successful states in Africa in terms of management of refugees, IDPs and mixed migrants as well as implementation of global treaties and conventions related to protection of refugees.

Mr. Hashi presented Puntland’s recent achievements in the meeting and highlighted the following important developments:-

  1. Reception and response of recent refugee influx from Yemen
  2. Differentiation and screening of mixed migrants arriving in Puntland
  3. Registration system
  4. Finalization of Puntland Refugee Protection Law
  5. The ongoing initiatives to draft National Strategy
  6. IDPs Policy Guideline and recent dissemination of the policy
  7. The drafting and implementation of Puntland Local Integration Strategy for IDPs and generally durable solution initiatives as well as integration of 10,000 IDP families in Puntland

The presentation attracted many countries and the participants of the meeting praised Puntland’s progress toward protection, response and management of refugees as well as standardisation of the system.



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